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About us

Our Team consists of dispatchers and pilots with years of experience in doing flight and mission planning as well as flight operations for business and executive charter.

ATSD is a professional partner and a modern Service-Provider in the area of operational conduction of your business and private flights.

Experience shows, that flight preparation has become very difficult due to various limitations and restrictions in the national and european airspace, making flight planning and conduction a very time consuming and difficult job.

The ATSD, will gladly take care of your flight preparation, make your flight plans, providing you or your crew with all relevant data (like Flightplan, Flightlog, Weather & NOTAM Briefing etc...), getting the necessary Airport-Slots and permissions, arranging limousine / rent-a-car service or accommodations and much more.

the only thing you have to do is fly ...


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Thanks for your patience!